At PFB Corporation, we are concerned with the future of the planet and the effects that modern life styles may be having on climate change. PFB Corporation is committed to conducting its operations responsibly, mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of its operations.

For the past 10 years PFB has reported the material impacts our activity has on the environment. We tabulate and report our emissions, energy usage and waste generated. In 2013 PFB established a Sustainability Committee with members from all areas and specialties within our company. The Committee’s mandate is to work with our management group and employees to facilitate continuous improvement of our sustainability performance. Our focus continues to be on improving our performance through a process of continuous improvement.

EPD Transparency Summary
Environmental Product Declaration

Sustainability Through Action

Waste is a significant issue for manufacturers like PFB both from a cost perspective and its environmental impact. PFB is continually looking for ways to reduce the generation of waste and, wherever possible, reuse and recycle. Total waste to landfill increased by 16% in 2016 over the previous year. This was caused by increased production levels and introduction of new products and processes. Efforts are underway to determine ways to optimize these processes and take action to reduce waste by diverting scrap materials to alternate recycling streams and by improving production yields.

Direct electricity and natural gas consumption in our operations increased slightly over the previous year. Energy consumption has been a significant focus of our individual facilities as we work toward improving efficiencies through installation of energy efficient lighting, equipment and administrative controls for managing equipment operation schedules.

Our focus for the past several years has been to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by using fossil fuels more efficiently. Additionally, PFB has an initiative underway to substitute raw material inputs with materials that contains less VOC expanding agent. Since 2008 we have increased our usage of low VOC raw materials to 72% in 2015. This has resulted in an average annual VOC emissions reduction of over 100 tonnes.

EPS & Flame Retardant
PFB expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam products contain a small amount of HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane), a brominated flame retardant. Learn more

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