PFB is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. PFB meets this commitment by ensuring all employees receives a health and safety orientation, a safety manual, and extensive training when they commence their employment and throughout their career to ensure they complete each and every task in a safe and timely manner. PFB and their employees share responsibilities for making sure work environments are healthy and safe.

Health and Safety Committees comprised of hourly, salaried and management representatives meet regularly to review results and develop improvements in safe work procedures.

PFB offers an educational reimbursement program for employees to support individual education and development.
Training employees is a key component in enhancing our future success in delivering our brand promise and generating results aligned with our sustainability focus. We offer competency-based training and development opportunities anchored to individual developmental goals coupled with job profiles, career progression and performance management processes.
  Employees receive a comprehensive and competitive benefit package paid by the company.

Health and Safety Performance

Occupational Health and Safety is of paramount importance at PFB Corporation. Starting in 2016 and continuing in 2017 a significant effort was made to introduce several new safety initiatives to reduce our injury rates and severity. PFB’s mission is Goal Zero and through our awareness focussed safety program improvements were recognized in 2017 over previous year’s performance. Our objective is to establish a sustainable safety culture by encouraging all employees to be active in our safety program and take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others. PFB’s call to action and challenge to all our employees continues to be See It • Own It • Make It Safer.


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